Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PDX Redux

On our recent stealth mission to Portland we took a little stroll after a really big breakfast. I finally got to snap a few photos of some of my favorite neon signs in downtown P-town. Should the Portland Outdoor Store ever go out of business, I want that sign. I would so put that on the end of my house. Wouldn't my neighbors love me?

This sign for rugs is awesome. I love the R. 

This one is pretty sweet too - all rusty and worn out. I want a neon sign for our house - bad. Portland, Portland, Portland. You're all kinds of wonderful. I'm already making my list of things to do next time we go. Yes, many are food related - I'm food motivated, ok?

Eat a biscuit sandwich at Pine State Biscuits
Eat a waffle from any one of these places
Buy something swanky from Canoe
Consider taking the train instead of driving
Stay longer. 


Kelly Medina said...

I went to P-Town this last weekend and had a blast. I'm jotting down your list to check out that yummy grub for my next visit. I had a Black Bean Burger at HUB (stands for something that I can't remember) and it knocked my socks off! Great brews there too. :)

Miss J said...

Thanks Kelly! Yeah, PDX is awesome! Let me know if you try any of these places out - they all sound delish!