Thursday, February 17, 2011

Empty Headed

Vintage Egg Cups : $30  from Lucky Little Dot on Etsy

The photo above could be a self portrait right about now. Except there aren't two of me (oh how I wish there were at times). When it comes to this blog I've been feeling at a bit of a loss in the past few weeks. Behind the scenes I am working on some mighty uncreative stuff right now - and there is just not that much to share that feels creative or inspiring or helpful.

So, I give you some adorable empty headed egg cups to ponder. 

More soon, folks. Promise.

Monday, February 7, 2011

over & over

Just getting my bearings after the past two weeks, so hello blog! It always takes me a while to get back on the horse after a time away. I had a few quiet moments with my sketchbook on Saturday and here's what came out of my pen. I have no idea were these things come from.

I'm working on a top secret poster project, and when I was brainstorming about it, this werewolf popped up to say hello. I can guarantee you the poster project has nothing to do with werewolves. But someday, I will make a print based on this song that has everything to do with werewolves. Maybe soon.