Friday, July 2, 2010

Favorite Things Friday!

Time again for another Favorite Things post. Here are a few things that made me feel happy this week:

1. Fresh Strawberries. They are in season in my part of the world, and I helped polish off an entire flat of them this week. We got ours from Spooner Farms.

2. Professional House Cleaning. I treated our house to a day of pampering, and wow. I never thought paying someone to scrub your neglected showers could feel so liberating. Thank you, Joyfully Clean

3. Russell Wright Pottery. I scored a few vintage pieces at a large antique mall last week at ridiculously cheap prices. I love the way the cup feels in my hand.

4. Grandmothers. Both of mine. I got to see and visit with one last week in my hometown, and this week, my other grandma turns 93! Happy Birthday Grandma! I love you. (The wonderful grandma doll is one of Mimi Kirchner's wonderful creations, visit her etsy shop here - someday I aspire to own one of her amazing pieces).

5. Hostess cupcakes. Which I used to make the three hour train ride with my little kid a success. Bribery, people - works every time. Lean how to make your own Hostess knock-offs here.

Happy Week- ending! See you next week!

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mimi k said...

Thanks for the link! And what a lovely post to be part of :-)