Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Away

There are a number of reasons this song has been running through my head in the last week:

1. I took a little break for the cold, bleak, lame excuse for summer weather in Sea-Town and headed east, to my childhood hometown.

2. While the weather in my hometown was awesome - the music on the radio was not. I listened to my fair share of songs like this one.

3. Which took me way back in time to my first ever live concert - Chicago - in 1985 at The Gorge, that pivotal summer right before I started public school. Yikes.

4. And like the song says " Even lovers need a holiday / Far away, from each other". I needed a break from you, dear blog. But today I sing this song to you, in my cheesiest Peter Cetera voice - "I will make it up to you! I promise to!"

5. And finally, after watching this video - I think the song will be stuck in my head for a good long time thanks to all that crazy neon, the plasticine look of Peter Cetera, and the huge paintings of ladies flipping off the camera with their Virginia Slims. 

1 comment:

mb said...

No, you're gonna be the lucky one.