Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Silent Retreat

A little while ago, a friend asked me if I'd ever be interested in going on a yoga retreat with her. My yoga skills are a little lacking these days, but I was still open to the idea. Then she added - "the one thing is...it's a silent retreat". I had to chuckle. Me, silent? It seemed impossible. Anyone who knows me knows I can't keep my yapper shut for more than about 30 seconds on average. My parents claim I was born talking.

Well, the past few days proved me wrong; I can be completely silent. I lost my voice due to this horrible cold I am fighting and I was forced to shut it. For about two days if I tried to speak, it sounded like a muted balloon seeping old helium. It was not pretty. I had a lot of time to think, and it wasn't so bad to just be lost in my head. Laying in our quiet basement with my eyes closed I've gotten a lot done: redecorated our house in my mind, tried to recall details of pleasant times past (see above sketch) between hacking up my lungs, designed my next few prints. I know that isn't really the point of a silent retreat - I think you are supposed to shut your mind off too, but hey. Baby steps. That silent yoga retreat may just be doable at some point.

In true geek fashion it wasn't long before I employed a little technology to get me through. On day 3 of my 'retreat' I walked around with my laptop, typing things into the text editor and selecting 'start speaking'. So what if my new voice sounded like something from an early episode of Star Trek? I thought it was brilliant, I think others in my house were might have been kinda sad my silent retreat was over.

More soon....now back to bed.

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Gwen said...

"a muted balloon seeping old helium", that is such an apt description! I LOVE it! I am very sorry that that was the way your voice sounded, though!

Feel better soon!