Monday, May 10, 2010

Icky - icky


I'm hoping some of you are still reading this thing. Our house is still being held hostage by the aftermath of that dumb virus that started round here two weeks ago. It has turned into a sinus infection for me, and a raging ear infection for my kiddo. No one is sleeping very well, spirits are low and tensions are high. We did get a nice 2 day break over the weekend where every one was feeling pretty OK, and the weather was beautiful. I even stole away for a few hours to chat it up with some of my old pals from my last job-job. Such funny people they are. I'm sure all that laughing had to do me some good. Then last night it all came back again, and here we are. 

So, if anyone is out there - please hang in there. I want nothing more to be back to my regular schedule. Both in my life and on this blog. 

No images today, as my scanner is hanging out in my studio. Instead, this wonderful video suggested by the talented artist Ingela Arrhenius on her blog today. My god, I love this thing. It does stir up memories from Art History 103, in a really good way. Enjoy.

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Jennifer said...

Of course we're still reading it! You're too awesome to abandon. :) Sorry you guys are going through all this illness. I hope you and your household all feel better soon! Take care.