Monday, April 7, 2008

Weeklies#3: Zippidee-Doo-Dah

This week has zipped by! I'm having a hard time believing that it is time for The Weeklies again. Here's what's been going on around these parts.

Made this week:

Well, I made a few things this week. Again, both food. I promise someday I'll actually finish a craft and post it here, but until then a girl (and her family) gotta eat. Recently I've rediscovered my love for the crock pot. I mean, what could be better? You dump a bunch of stuff in, crank it on, and get to enjoy wafts of cooking food all day long while you happily go about doing other things. This week I made this Chicken Chili. It is hearty, spicy and filling. I love the addition of beer to the recipe. I always feel kinda deviant cracking open a Fat Tire Ale at 9 am. So naughty!

The next neat-o thing I made was som
ething I can now scratch off my list of "Things I want to bake in 2008". My friend just earned her Ph.D, and moved back here to work, so we had a little celebration to welcome her back. This girl loves ice cream cake, and I've been dying to make one so I had the perfect reason. It was really quite simple. I baked my favorite chocolate cake recipe in a springform pan. After it cooled I lined the edges with waxed paper, melted a gallon of ice cream until it was soft-serve consistency, and spread it in the pan. I let that freeze overnight then "frosted" the entire thing with softened Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream. It rocked. I'll be making more ice cream cakes in the future for sure! Yum.

Seen on the internet:

One of my favorite mom-artist-designer-neat-lady bloggers is back! Her blog, Loobylu is one of the first blogs I ever read. I read it daily until she signed off for a much needed blogging break last year. I still checked in with her url from time to time hoping she'd come back, and what do you know? She did! Check her out.

Also, this clip via Uncle B over at The Bedlam of Beefy. This was cracking me up all week. I give you "Hugo The Cat of a Thousand Faces":

Can't live without:

Lunch, and I've been skipping it way too often this week. My sunglasses, which I still need to replace, and my watch which I seem to always forget to wear or look at (I've been running late everywhere). Ugh.


Oooh, 5 new songs! Ok, some are just fresh to my ears, as they've been around awhile. Lysergic Bliss has something do with acid I'd guess. It's a happy song nevertheless, and you won't go to jail for listening to it, and it has a neat flute solo. Soldier is a great new song from Erykah Badu. I've always liked her stuff, and the stories she tells in her songs. Cheap and Cheerful is catchy, but that cough in the beginning is a little too much. Yuck. That said, any song that mentions living on ice cream is a friend of mine. I like the sound of Abandon. And Sunrise has great clapping and drums, so you can't go wrong. Player has been moved to most recent Weeklies entry.


Gwen said...

Your are getting reacquainted with WHAT kind of pot??

Tee hee...

Miss J said...

Oh my! Thanks Gwen..


biology girl said...

Thanks for the cake Miss J! It was the perfect way to make me feel at home again and I've been having a piece every night after dinner. I wonder what the world was like before ice cream?