Monday, April 7, 2008

Sunday Scribblings: Photograph

This week at Sunday Scribblings we are asked to share a photo and write a little something about it. I've got loads of photos, and so many of them are special to me, it was hard to chose!

This photo was snapped by my dad when I was 15, the summer before I started high school. That's me on the right, with my $90 JCPenny spiral perm blowing in the breeze and my best pal S with the white Ray Ban knock offs on the left. When I look closely I can see a blurry image of my dad in his old varsity jacket reflected in S's glasses.

My dad had just taken us on a weekend camping trip at the end of a hot, perfect summer. We loaded up his speed boat and drove across a deep blue alpine lake to camp at a remote waterfront campground. We ate beans and hot dogs that we heated over the fire, put up a hammock between two trees, and S and I spent a lot of time swimming and washing our hair in the lake, while my dad read and hung out at the campsite. S and I weren't much into roughing it, and I wouldn't doubt if we both wore full makeup on that weekend excursion. At night S and I stayed up late laying on the cool rocks and looking up at the stars, laughing hard and talking until we got too cold to stay outside any longer.

In this photo I am driving my dad's boat across the lake at the end of the trip. It was getting stormy and the water was really rough. To avoid bouncing violently home I had to drive the low slung boat really fast and at a right angle to the waves. Logs were floating everywhere and I had to navigate around them lest we hit one and gouge a big hole in dad's boat. Instead of being scared, I remember laughing all the way home as we bounced and bobbed along, hoping not to lose our camping gear or worse yet, our makeup bags.

This photo captures such a fleeting, perfect moment in time. So much was about to change for me and S, and we had no idea what lay ahead. Much like driving dad's boat across that uncertain and choppy water, the only way to get through it was to go fast, and hit the waves head on.


Granny Smith said...

Beautifully written! It captures the carefree spirit just as the photo captures your windblown hair.

shammi said...

That's a lovely memory, beautifully written!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful photo, conveying motion, wind, friendship, and life.
Wish I could see the next shot, and see your face!