Tuesday, January 10, 2012

These Dreams

So, I've always been one to have pretty entertaining dreams. But something about pregnancy makes my dreams go all the way to 11. Yesterday afternoon as my kiddo and I had our daily drawing time I decided to sketch out some of my favorites.

A few nights ago one of my body pillows became a delicious oversized bag of super salty ruffled potato chips seasoned with dill  that I kept eating while sleeping. Strangely, I woke up with swollen ankles. 
One night not too long ago I joined a Victorian era polygamist cult with a friend from my kiddo's preschool. We were married to a guy who looked just like Snidley Whiplash and we all lived in the basement of a large antique warehouse. My friend wore this crazy silky peach dress everywhere. 

Later that night I earned my freedom from the cult by entering a knife throwing contest where I had to throw knives over my head with my eyes closed. I (cheated and) won $10,000.00. 
And just last night I met and old friend from high school to go lap swimming but instead of exercising we just floated in the pool and ate large plates of chocolate chip cookies (not a bad idea, subconscious).
Finally, one of my favorites to date. Returning to my physical therapist to be told that my therapy for that day would be to go lay in the surf of the Pacific Ocean and be beaten by both the surf and the tail of a large whale. I excitedly laid down and took a good beating.

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IMakeCuteStuff (aka Marlo M.) said...

You win the prize for most creative dreams EVER! Love that you posted this along with illustrations. You're awesome :)