Monday, January 9, 2012

Dreams of capes and coffee

Arizona Sonoran Desert Cactus Scene by boran2 on Etsy
Recovering from a night of insomnia. Wishing I could make myself an espresso from this adorable machine. Realizing that I don't have a coat that fits anymore and fantasizing about making a cape, like this one.  Wondering if it would give me super powers. Thinking a lot about this birth story, as I think about what I want for mine. Looking out at the grey sky, wishing I could follow my snowbird neighbors here.


natalieg said...

I haven't written out my birth story for Oscar. I read them all the time on mom blogs.

Did you write Hannah's?

Miss J said...

I did write it - but never finished it! I should probably do that, huh? Part of having that 36 hour labor was that I forgot (or wanted to forget) a lot of it!

Kelly Medina said...

Thanks for the birth story link. I absolutely loved it and needed to read it. I've been feeling the pressure on myself of "being good" for my labor choice but scared that isn't what I actually want.