Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to it

Russel Wright American Modern Tea Cups $44 from Claire Quilter on Etsy
Looking forward today to enjoying a cupppa of this with cream and sugar. Thinking a lot about my new desk in a closet. Feeling grateful for my work with this fun company, and having my work now sold in Ohio and Iowa. Wondering if I will ever get to the midwest for a proper visit - someday, I hope. Feeling excited about finally listing my fancy clothes from my past life on ebay, a process that has taken months to complete. Getting ready to bake more delicious loaves of this with my 4 year old sous chef - the only way she'll touch zucchini. 

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Miss M. said...

You know I love ceramics, you know I love this colour, you know I love vintage.....so this post makes makes my heart jump with joy! Thanks for sharing!