Monday, January 2, 2012

12 in 2012 : a list

12 things to do in 2012

1. Have another baby (this is actually happening in 9 weeks. I drew this picture the day I found out, and yes it's a girl)! 
2. Learn how to make a really good martini (after baby is born, of course). 
3. Continue to make the work that I love.
4. Listen more and talk less.
5. Learn how to cook something from each country in our family's lineage - this means: Dutch, German, Irish, English, Danish, and French. We've got most of northern Europe covered. 
6. Exercise and feel strong in my body (typed while chewing a mouth full of chocolate covered raisins).
7. Keep on working with the best Creative Business Consultant around. 
8. Have our family photos taken by this amazing photographer again. 
9. Go out on more dates with my beloved.
10. Sew, craft, and make more art with my kid.
11. Vend at a local craft show. 
12. Blog more, facebook less!

There you have it! Happy 2012, readers. 


Miss M. said...

Hi, great post! So you are on Facebook? I will see you there, because I have an account as well over there! I am super excited that you have only 9 weeks left! Hope you had really good X-mas days and a great NYE! Will call soon! Veel liefs, Marije

Miss J said...

Thanks Miss M! Can't wait to chat. xoxoxoxo J