Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Firsts on the first!

Ok, so NaBloPoMo didn't go so well in October - the kiddo survived a bout of Hand Foot and Mouth disease and a double ear infection, and I took a few trips to the hospital for some scary blood tests. Luckily all is now well, and I am hopeful about the month of November!

And tonight? It is my first bagpipe lesson. Yes, you read that right. Bagpipes. Learning how to play the bagpipes is on my bucket list - along with marching in a pipe band. I'm even surprised by it myself. Anyhow, as I creep closer to the big 4-0 these funny dreams of mine have started seeming even more important. I got a set of pipes for my birthday, so that sealed the deal. Bagpipes now - clarinet and guitar next. I'm planning on being a totally eccentric octogenarian.


Librarian Girl said...

Dude, this brings a whole new level of awesome to Unagi!

Have fun!

Miss J said...

HAHAH! That's awesome. Exrty Meelk will be happy to add this to her repertoire!

Miss M. said...

Hey there! So glad to hear from you! Will call soon and the bagpipe classes.....awesome! Veel liefs, Marije