Friday, November 4, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Chips and Chanter

Yes! Finally some drawing on this blog. Hello Friday! Here are some favorite things from this week - probably the most normal week I've had since June. The practice chanter that my bagpipe teacher lent me, that sounds a bit like the bagpipes when I am doing it right, or like a duck being hugged a bit too hard when I'm not. Salty, crunchy bagel chips spread with soft cream cheese. Honeycrisp apples - I think they are almost out of season. I've been eating 2 per day just in case. These boots, which I just can't quite get out of my mind. And, yep. 5:30 am. I'm love you even though you are dark and cold and feel like the middle of the night. Happy Friday, everyone.

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Unknown said...

Great drawings as usual, Julia! Also, I had to laugh, because while reading this, I'm eating a Honeycrisp apple and cinnamon sugar bagels chips.