Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 blogs that make me feel like drawing (a list)

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As I get back into the swing of creating after a time away, I find that I need a good dose of inspiration to get started. Why is getting started always the hardest part? Here are some of my very favorite blogs to visit when I need a little inspirational kick in the pants.

1. Flora Chang's Happy Doodle Land
2. Unicorn Poo
3. Danny Gregory's Blog
4. Gemma Correll
5. Ingela P Arrhenius
6. Mary Kate McDevitt's tumblr
7. grainedit
8. Kate Hidley's Hollow Log Blog 
9. Susie Ghahremani' s boy girl party
10. Helen Dardik's Orange You Lucky


paminabox said...

Sometimes I get really down about my work. Thanks for sharing these, it definitely brightened my day and made me want to get back to my drawings. :)

Miss J said...

Thanks Pam! I get down too - comes from working alone a lot, I think. I LOVE your work and it really inspires me, so keep it up, lady!