Monday, May 23, 2011

Pinch Me.

I just returned from a 9 day trip to what I consider my second home - Holland. It is easy to show in pictures some of the typical Dutch things I got to enjoy on my trip. Adorable buildings, beautiful flowers, delicious cheese, Nijntje (or Miffy as she is know in the USA), and pastries so sweet they make you toes curl in sugary delight.

What's harder to show is how full my heart feels after visiting there. Meeting my two perfect nieces, Rosalie and Carmen and establishing a bond with them was such an important part of this trip. Spending time with the family that has grown to be 'mine' over the last 20 years was like a dream come true. Meeting new 'significant others' of the people I love, and seeing them in love, was wonderful. Getting to hug my friend Miss M, drink coffee and eat our traditional Tompoes together, and meeting her adorable girls was nothing short of pure bliss.

I also realized that each time I visit, I leave a part of my heart there - at least that is how it feels. In return, I also bring a fuller heart back home and for that I am so very grateful.


KitchenSink said...

I feel the same way about Ireland.

I sometimes wonder if it would be different to live full-time at those special places. Would they eventually become dull?

I love the states (but hate living in our soul-less suburbs)...

thank you for sharing your special place.

Miss J said...

Thanks so much, Kevi. I'm in the burbs as well - I know what you mean. Ireland sounds lovely! I think after a while the newness might wear off, but it sure would be fun to try living in a new place. said...

Dear Miss J: I still think of our wonderful day everyday since you left. It was perfect! Talking after 8 years (!), but it felt like we only saw each other a week or two ago. I LOVED it! Will talk to you soon!!! We just need to figure out a way to give each other cyber hugs! Veel Liefs, Miss M.