Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy Wednesday #15: Green With Envy

Emerald, 8X10 Art Print...

Mobile Idea Factory

Got JUJU Print A3 UNFRA...

Ghost Stool

Incredible & Rare Gallu...

Large Dark Wooden Amper...

Warm as Yellow

Dutch Bicycle

Sun, Sand, Sea - 3 Piec...

Moonlight Drive


Green Apple Explosion R...

African American woman ...

Vintage 1940s Gong Bell...

Sz 6.5 Womens Laced Up...

Vintage yellow planter

I've been trying my hand at making Treasuries over on Etsy this week. Since it is Etsy Wednesday, I thought I'd try the work smarter not harder philosophy and found a great tool for placing an etsy treasury on my blog. This also resulted in a blog makeover which is a completely different and stressful story. So if things look different over here, you are right. I'm not done editing yet. Ugh.

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Little Gothic Horrors said...

Thank you sooooo much for the information about the tool to place an Etsy Treasury in a blog.

I found your forum post via a Google search. I am gearing up to open a shop on Etsy and it's like a military operation trying to pull together shop/blog/Facebook, etc. Sometimes it just seems ridiculously hard trying to find the most basic information.

I really appreciate your generosity in sharing!!