Saturday, November 20, 2010

Studio Dreams

The studio we plan on building is starting to take shape in our minds, and on scraps of paper so far. We still need to figure out how big we can make it. It will be small, but how small is still in question. I've been making mood boards like the one above. 

Here's the run-down. I want a little faux fireplace with an electric heater insert (yep, I'm talking fake - maybe even with that fake crackle sound added). Ours would be styled like this working one from the wonderful Yvestown blog . I want hanging lamps - Nelson lamps would be ideal, but our budget might need to settle for a cheaper option. We plan on using recycled building materials, so a wood floor in a range of hues is a likely outcome (and also cool looking). Of course there would be tea, served in swanky cups. A huge blackboard wall sounds so fun to me, and a vintage couch for lounging. We've decided there will be a covered porch, and a porch swing. I love this modern version. And, the door should be cool too. And there will always, always be music playing

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Jessica said...

Inspiring! I cant wait to come over for tea!