Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Up With That?


Today has me asking "What Up With That?" a lot. I just spent an hour writing a "Wall Wednesday" post for today, because I thought it was Wednesday, and I have mixed up two important dates this week causing me to miss both. Ugh. And it is only Tuesday, people.

What Up With That?

This skit from SNL always gets me. What Up With That stars Kenan Thompson (who I love) as DeAndre Cole. There is so much about this skit that I love - Kenan's body language, the rhyming, the dancing (especially the guy in the red track suit) the Kenny G look alike, and the chairs in skit that are identical to the ones I had growing up. But this one takes the cake - it features a bearded Zach Galifianakis as the world's only ambidextrous disco flute player. As a flutist, this was especially hilarious to me. If only I could be that cool - or look that awesome in a polyester jump suit.


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Crafty Jenny said...

tHAT IS A seriously weird skit.