Monday, August 23, 2010

Thrifty Treasures Party #2:

Happy Monday all. I thought I'd share a little thrifty goodness with you today. A new table and chairs has been on our wish-list for years now. We'd been getting by with some chairs that came from my step- dad's bachelor days, and a table my hubby found at Goodwill in our college years for $15. A totally serviceable set - but we'd outgrown it.

We just couldn't justify spending oodles of money on a table that also needed to withstand the daily spills and food smearings of a preschooler and her friends. Finding something that looked better than what we had,  was in line with our love of all things mid-century modern, fit within our budget, and could stand up to a slew of tiny diners was a tough bill to fill. I thought it would never happen.

Lucky for me I wandered into The Living Room in Kenmore, and found this awesome table with 6 chairs for $425. A wonderful bargain in my book - after years of searching. It does need a little facelift and we plan on reupholstering the seats, and redoing the table top. I'll post before and afters someday soon.

If you are ever in Kenmore, Washington and are in need of furniture I urge you to check out The Living Room. They also have a blog.  The stuff they carry changes out rapidly, so you never know what you will find there. Kinda fun.

I'm also linking this post to Southern Hospitality's Thrifty Treasures Party, where every Monday thrifty shoppers post their recent finds online. Like visiting thrift stores from all over the globe without buying a thing. 

Be back tomorrow with some more design related news! Until then...


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Thanks for linking up! That looks like a really nice set & MCM is really popular now.