Sunday, July 11, 2010

Thrifty Treasures Party

Last week I ran across the fun blog Southern Hospitality and learned of their feature called "Thrifty Treasures Party" - bloggers from all over post photos of their recent thrifty finds. It is so much fun to see all the stuff people find and how it differs region to region. I had to join the party!

Here are my most recent treasures, some from a jumbo junk shop in Eastern Washington and some from the local Value Village. 

King and Queen salt and pepper shakers (above). They were marked as being from Japan in the 40s, and are HUGE. The King stands about 8" tall. He caught my eye first, with his wispy mustache and shiny crown. I had to rummage around to find his queen. She was on a completely different shelf. Reunited, and it feels so good. $12.

Russell Wright Creamer & Sugar Bowl with wooden lid. I had never seen this set with a wooden lid, most are ceramic. After doing some research I'm pretty sure it was added by someone else but I really love the wood and pink combo. $15 for the set

Russel Wright Pink cup and saucer. I love love love this cup. My morning cappuccino looks even better in it. $10

More men's shirts for my Year of Handmade challenge. Let's just say I had to go back to the drawing board on my project - thank goodness there are lots of men's shirts out there. These are very heavyweight 100% cotton Abercrombie shirts. Nice and boxy which means plenty of fabric. $6 / each

T-shirts for re-purposing. I have been loving Dana Willard's blog, Made. Dana is genius, and her ideas have been keeping me up late at night. She uses tee shirts and etc. to make adorable clothes for her kids. Her site is full of easy to follow tutorials for both boy and girl clothes. Since my kid has a wardrobe that would make SJP jealous, I am going to make some t-s for me. My seam ripper and I have been taking apart some of my favorite old shirts and making patterns. Exciting! $2-6 / each

That's it! This week promises to be another good one. Coming up: The Monthly Giveaway, A sneak peek at my next new print, Wall Wednesday, and other goodness. Thanks for stopping by.


Shalet said...

Ooooh -- how exciting! I love thrifty treasures! I may have to join the party!

Shannon said...
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Man vs Ink said...

Great blog! There are some great pictures, and some really unique items. Some strange, some beautiful. That is the joy of thrift shopping. Value village is one of my favorite thrift shops around, and of course the bins (for non clothing items).

La said...

Wonderfully unique finds. Good for you! La

Anonymous said...

I will have to follow your links and read more about your projects.
I know all too well about having to search shelving to reunite pairs of something. S&Ps. bookends, etc. Store employees don't understand how important it is for certain things to stay together!

Anonymous said...

fine finds indeed! nothing beats a fruitful outing to the thrift. the royal couple are adorable.

ana @ iMadeItSo said...

i've never seen salt and pepper shakers like that before. strangely intriguing! followed you here from rhoda's ... :)