Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mid-Year Resolutions

I'm not a big one for New Year's resolutions. Too much pressure, and besides - I'd rather stay up late sipping on fancy booze and wearing ugly hats than make some unattainable list of goals that I'll forget by the time I'm downing that entire heart shaped box of Valentine chocolate. Whoops.

But lately, I've been feeling the need to set some goals, and it dawned on me that I could make some mid year resolutions. So much less pressure this way. And somehow goal setting seems so much more exciting in the midst of summer rather than the dead of winter. I'm sharing these here with you partly for your entertainment and partly to make myself accountable! I'll report back here on my progress.

So, here goes:

Numero Uno: Get a calendar that fits in my purse.

Ok, that sounds easy enough doesn't it? Read on. I've been having a major calendar issue for about the last 5 years. Do you want to know my problem? I can't find one that has 'good enough' typography. I'm serious! So, because of this I live in an overshceduled world full of forgotten appointments and general anxiety. So, like a good designer I designed my own day planner, and it worked for a while but the darn thing didn't fit in my purse. So, back to the drawing board. Still not sure how to solve this one. Make one or just buy one, even though looking at it will probably burn Times New Roman shaped holes in my eyeballs. Any thoughts on this one would be appreciated. Because right now the system I have going on makes about as much sense as this lego calendar. 

 2 Send birthday cards to all of my relatives and close friends

This is anther lofty goal. I have a huge family and a lot of friends I love - and that is a lot of cards. But recently, my brother in law commented on how much it meant to him to get cards in the mail and it really struck me. It is such a simple gesture that really does mean a lot. So he'll be getting something like this lovely letterpress "you are rugged and manly" card from DudeandChick.

3 Give only handmade gifts

Yep - I'm setting the bar super high right there. I'm still not sure how committed I am to this one, but if I can pull it off I think it would be awesome. I've already started planning for Christmas and I think it is doable. My goal would be to start with Christmas gifts and go from there,  working ahead of schedule (so unlike me) and stockpiling home made goodness for birthdays that fell after Christmas. Maybe some of you will be getting gumdrop lollipops.

4 Sell more stuff & embrace marketing my work.

Pretty self explanatory. If I want to keep bringing home the crafty bacon, I need to find a way to market my work that doesn't feel like drudgery. I will be looking for ways to get my work out in front of people, and will be sending out that newsletter I promised to send out monthly! Yes. I. Will.

 5 Start the process of designing our outdoor studio.

We are having a big 'money talk' this week, and I think one of the budget items that might be slashed is renting my studio. I'm a bit sad about it, but saving that money and building something on our property would be beyond wonderful. So, I need to bust out my high school drafting skills, research building permits, and start pricing materials. This design by Modern Shed will be a jumping off point. 

Wow. I think I need some fancy booze now. More tomorrow.

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Jessica said...

I'm tempted to make the same resolution about handmade gifts. Of course, what that really would mean is that I make a list of projects for Trevor to make.