Friday, July 23, 2010

Favorite Things Friday : Canada Edition

We just got back from an exciting little jaunt up to Whistler, Canada. Our close friend owns a time share up there and was kind enough to ask us up for stay. I'd never been to Whistler in the summer. It was beautiful, and the people watching was just as satisfying in the summer as it is in the winter - all those crazy winter snowsuits were replaced by equally interesting summer attire.

So this week I give you a list of my favorite things from O Canada:

1. Motherboard leggings by Douglas Coupland for Roots Canada. There is something about these that completely appeals to my inner geek. I'm going to watch these because I am sure that they will be on sale - because no one but me would probably ever buy them.

2. McVitie's Chocolate Digestives. I know you can totally buy these in the US, but I have to have them in Canada whenever I go. 

3. Not getting eaten by a black bear. We had a close encounter with a baby black bear while there. It sauntered up to us as my hubby was handing our kid a cookie. In the bear's defense it looked nothing like this hideous sculpture

4. Dominoes: on this trip we were introduced to the dominoes game "Mexican train". I have no idea why it is called that but it was fun - we played every night and I discovered that making my hubby drink a lot of beer made him less likely to win. So I guess Kokanee should go on the list too.

5. Winegums. Why don't we have winegums in our candy aisle? Probably because they have the names of alcoholic beverages printed on them! For goodness sake. I ate an entire bag on the drive home.

6. New sweatshirt. If you know me in person you have also become acquainted with the black hooded yoga sweatshirt I wear about 4/7 days a week until someone wipes their little nose on me or smears hummus on it. Get ready because it has a new friend! 

By the way, the headless mannequin creeps me out! As a kid I had a really vivid dream once that my mom turned into one of these, but could still talk even though she didn't have a head or a mouth. Still creepy all these years later. But the sweatshirt? Divine. 

And with that I bid you a happy weekend!


Crafty Jenny said...

I love Mexican Train and wine gums! I see a game date in our future, with imported Canadian snacks.

Meghan said...

Mexican train is so addictive! I love it. Wine gums sound delish!

Librarian Girl said...

Those pants are so BORG! Your hubby will like them a LOT, I am sure. :)

That hoodie is super cute!

Josh Healy said...