Monday, July 26, 2010

faux bad

I have no idea why this song was stuck in my head the other day. Does that ever happen to you? And why is it always the really bad songs that get stuck in there?

I danced to this song at my 8th grade dance - with my date, one of the only dudes in the entire school who was as tall as I was. He'd had a skateboarding accident the week before and had broken his femur. But for this song, he put his crutches in a corner and leaned all of his 6 foot tall, 120 pound frame on me so we could sway to a little Ozzy. I think this was kind of 'our song' for the whole 2 weeks that we dated or something. So cheesy.

With the song and that memory running through my head I had to look at the video. Wow. I just love how the 80s was full of faux badness. The ripped jeans, the huge mullets, the freaky 'badass' faces like Ozzy mugs in this video, dudes in eyeliner. A tiny part of me wishes this brand of bad would make a comeback.


Crafty Jenny said...

I freaking love this song, and the video. So cheeeeeeeeeesy!

Miss J said...

thanks Jenny! I knew you would, my eastern Washington brethren.