Friday, June 18, 2010

Favorite Things Friday!

Happy Friday, readers. The sun is out in my town and I am finding that yesterday's Funk is lifting. Thank goodness. And thanks for the sweet comments yesterday, they all really helped.

Here are a few favorite things from this week.

1. The SUN - captured here on an awesome Alexander Girard Tee from House industries. 
2. Star shaped sunglasses, just like Bootsy Collins! I'm totally getting these for my next funk.
3. Pre de Provence soaps. Bought a small bar of the pomegranate, and it totally cheered me up. 
4. Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham. Giving this to my girl as a b-day gift tomorrow! Can't wait to make the Girard heads out of wooden spoons.
5. Art Supplies. How excited am I that my kid wants her own art supplies? Very. I shopped at Discount School Supply and was so happy with everything I bought. Totally addictive site - beware!
6. Cupcakes, of which I will be stuffing my face with tomorrow!

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend.

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