Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wall Wednesday #6: Spring Landscape

"Pink Breeze" 8" x 8" - $22 TtV photo print, by Debbie Preston of Shaded Memories

"Rise, Shine" 7" x 7" - $30 limited edition print, by Danna Ray of Groundwork

"Spring Renaissance" 18" x 18" - $55 mixed media painting, by Angela Petsis of 904 East Miller Street

"Pink Dahlia Still Life" 8" x 8" - $24 fine art photo print,by Allison Trentelman of NatureMandalas

To mix things up a little bit on this 6th Wall Wednesday, I thought I would highlight 4 different pieces of art, by 4 different artists, all found on Etsy by typing in "spring, landscape" in the search bar on the homepage. There were 84 pages of art tagged with these two words, and I browsed through all of them!

A few things I learned about these pieces. "Pink Breeze" was taken "Through The Viewfinder" (TtV) an old Kodak Duaflex camera, giving it this vintage-y look . "Rise, Shine" is a limited edition print of 75. I love pretty much every single painting in this shop, and I especially love the gardening gloves in this print. Angela Petsis (who painted "Spring Renaissance") is closing her shop to focus in her photography work. So ALL her original paintings (like this one) are on sale. The shop will close on March 21. And, the "Pink Dahlia Still life" photo can be printed in a variety of different sizes - up to 12" x 12". I love the delicate pink and blue in this photo.

Happy Wall Wednesday - get those walls dressed up for spring, with some affordable, original art!

Here is a helpful article about searching on Etsy.

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rawkstar diaries said...

Your work is just wonderful. I am loving EVERYTHING! I posted your work on my blog and everyone thinks your fruit prints are cute. Maybe we can work something out to do a giveaway on my blog.