Sunday, February 14, 2010

Presidential Scribblings

A few years ago, I bought an awesome plate at a thrift store that had these weird little gold leaf line drawings of the American presidents up to President Kennedy. Some of the drawings were really messed up - but in a good, funny way. It made me want to see the more official paintings of the likes of James Knox Polk and Martin Van Buren (now there's some wicked sideburns). If you want a giggle just visit this website to see some for yourself.

I took a stack of index cards and challenged myself to draw all 43 presidents (this was a few years ago) in less than an hour. I got to Nixon before my hour was up and I had to put my pen down from a hand cramp. But it was fun to try and draw in a loose, quick style. I re-visit these cards each President's day. I should really try to finish the set.

I always wonder how the current president celebrates President's Day. Is there a special card store in the bowels of the pentagon where staff can purchase Hallmark style Happy President's day cards? Does he get a special meal? A cake? Is it kind of like his birthday or Father's day?


Amber T said...

Omg I love these!!! Plus, good point about the current Prez, hmmmm......

jacqueline said...

These are amazing! Hope you had a great valentine's and a wonderul week so far. Wishing you a lovely sweet day and love to yoU!