Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Illustration Friday: Focused

It's getting mushy over here.

When I was sketching out images for my "I Only Have Eyes for You" print I had these two ideas. The first was the grid of wonky eyes with heart eyeballs, and the other was of some heart shaped glasses and big 'ole hand drawn type.

And in the new spirit of experimentation and general "why not -ness" going round my head these days I'm giving you both! I figure there is a little something for everyone in each of these images.

Both images celebrate being so in luuuurve that you can't stay focused on anyone or anything else. Like the song by the same name (I like the version by The Flamingos - yes I know it is cheesy bear with me) that goes:

You are here

So am I
Maybe millions of people go by,

but they all disappear from view.
And I Only Have Eyes For You.

Both are part of the "Friendly Little Reminders" series, and both 8 x 10 prints are available in my shop for $20 buckaroos.

1 comment:

E. Thompson said...

Cute interpretation. I llove the heart glasses.