Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wall Wednesday: #1 Matte Stephens

Hi folks. I had an inspiration recently for a recurring blog post I'm going to call Wall Wednesday. In 2010 my goal is to have less boring walls. You heard it here first. My friends gently poke fun at the fact that as person who makes 2-D work (posters!) for a living has the most bare nekkid walls this side of the Columbia. No kidding, I do. It is kind of embarrassing, really. My walls have just been hanging out in their birthday suit for years and years, and I have been ignoring their cries to dress them in something, anything.

So this year I am taking the bull by the horns. I am going to purchase art I like and can afford. I will frame it, and I will hang it on my walls. This is the NO MORE BORING WALLS MANIFESTO.

I think a lot of people have this issue, maybe not so horribly bad as me but it is out there. Just last week another mom at the co-op preschool we attend was telling me about a print she bought at a frame store. She got it home and decided she didn't like it, and was kind of bummed. When I asked her if she'd ever heard of Etsy and she hadn't, I excitedly told her all about the great original art prints you can find there.
So, that is what this feature will be about. Great prints for your walls, that you can find on Etsy. My goal is to feature pieces that are under $100 buckaroos.

do nothing by Matte Stephens

So, first things first! Wall Wednesday #1 Matte Stephens.

I am a huge and long time fan of this talented guy's work. I love the colors and shapes he uses, and his subject matter always makes me smile. He recently moved to Portland, Oregon (yes officially have all the cool stuff now) and shows work at Veloicty Art and Design in Seattle. Someday I hope to own an original painting, but I am so happy that he offers beautiful prints in his Etsy shop.

I just purchased the print above titled "do nothing" for $60. I've been coveting it for a while now on Etsy and decided what better way to kick off the NO MORE BORING WALLS MOVEMENT of 2010 than with this! Sorry for the all caps, people - I'm just trying to channel my excitement.

Here is a wonderful interview with Matte about his work and process.

You can read his blog here

And you can find his prints at his Etsy shop


Jennifer said...

What a cool print and a great idea! I have the same problem, finding stuff I like that is actually within a decent price range. I'll have to check out Etsy. I can't wait to see what else you'll pick out!

Librarian Girl said...

That's funny- I have also been coveting a Matte Stephens for months and months now. I just can't seem to take the plunge! Maybe this will inspire me!