Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out and About: Snow Falling on Cedars

Last summer I had the pleasure of working with the great folks at Portland Center Stage on the show graphic for the play Snow Falling on Cedars, adapted from David Guterson's book by Kevin McKeon.

The images for Ragtime came pretty easy for me but I got a full on case of Illustrator's Block about the imagery for this play. The book was such a huge deal in the Pacific Northwest when it came out. All of my friends and family raved about it. Unwilling to jump on the bandwagon - I totally avoided reading it for a few years. But then a friend of mine was cleaning out her books and gave a dogeared copy to me. I read it, and surprisingly enjoyed it - very much. Then I saw the movie - which had such lovely cinematography (the muted colors they captured in that movie were amazing). So, it was had to think of something fresh, and unexpected for this familiar piece of work.

Lucky for me, PCS has a great graphic designer, Michael Buchino (the man behind the infamous Bread Revue) who art directed this image and helped me get over my stumped state of being. We had so many conversations and over the phone brainstorming sessions about this image I was sure he was going to think I was a bit nutty (perhaps he does anyway). But it was one of those great collaborations with a client where because of their input, your work ends up a million times better than had you done it all by yourself. I love when that happens!

The folks at PCS have been so kind to tell me when the people behind the scenes say nice stuff about my work. They have told me that this image is getting the love from many people involved with the production. That always makes me feel extry proud, and so happy about what I get to do for a living.

The show is open now, and getting rave reviews! So, if you are in Portland, get your tickets for the show here.

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