Sunday, October 26, 2008

Months in Review: August & September

Hello, sad, neglected blog. Is anyone reading this anymore? I can only hope. I feel like I should rename this "Miss J's Busy-Blog". Because I'm just too busy to update it very often. So what did I do? I went started another blog. Uhm, yeah..when you can't 'keep up' with your original blog, what should you do? Start another one! Haha. Here's the deal...soon, I'll be launching my line of printed goods on Etsy, and I wanted a blog to document that process. The name of my little biz is Pixel & Post. You can find it over there to the right in my links. I'm not sure how I'm going to merge these two blogs, or if that is even what I want to do. But for now all my personal stuff will live here on the Flying Pencil and business stuff will live on Pixel & Post.

Off the needles

I finally finished this sweater for the adorable Mister E. E is the firstborn of our good friends. He's an absolutely gorgeous little guy, and looks like he is also going to be one tall drink of water (with a daddy over 6'5" it is really no surprise). He's only 8 weeks old and is already sporting 3 month size clothes. I started the sweater with hopes of giving it to E's momma at her baby shower (which was in June), but it didn't get done in time. My next goal was to have it done when he was born...and that didn't happen either. I was knitting furiously on a trip back from the coast (in the passenger seat) on the day he was born. Finally I finished it, and luckily it fits him still.

After one of my knitted creations for my little one got ruined when it got thrown in the dryer (by ME of all people), I decided to try knitting in acrylic that could be thrown in the washer and the dryer. I know......gasp, choke, horror of all horrors...acrylic yarn. But seriously, the stuff they make today is way nicer than that scratchy stuff your granny knit with. I used Vanna's Choice yarn Who knew Vanna was so into yarn? Anyhoo, I like this stuff. It is soft, washes up beautifully and comes in super neat colors. I'm even knitting a sweater for myself with it. I still love me some fancy yarns, but there is something to be said for knitting yourself an entire sweater for under 30 buckaroos. I used this free Knitting Pure and Simple Cardigan pattern and made a few modifications, like turned cuffs and the crochet button hole loops. I love this pattern, as is it knit from the top down. I also changed the pattern to knit the sleeves flat instead of in the round, and that worked fine. Yay for completed projects, and cute babies to wear them!

On my plate: Because I've been spending every spare moment prepping for the opening of Pixel & Post, things have been a little spare on the dinner table. We've been eating the same things over and over and over. Namely, Martha's Chicken and Dumplings and her Ginger Beef with Kale, chicken enchiladas and grilled burgers. We've been trying to make a lot of things that can be eaten as leftovers, which is great. My mom also gave me a copy of this book of casseroles circa 1958.

It has recipes for such culinary delights as "Yummy Balls" and "Green Beans, Patio Style". Maybe I'll try and make one soon.

In my less healthy moments I've been consuming the new Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, enjoying some mini Twix bars, and have been craving french fries way too often. I've also tired of my afternoon cup of tea, so instead I dug out my demitasse cups I brought home from Holland back in 92, and have been having a delicious shot of espresso with cream and a touch of sugar. I also love these cookies by Two by Two, these are from The Owl and the Pussycat box.

Laughing at:

I record Saturday Night Live each week. Sometime during the week I usually catch up on it, and in the last year I feel like there have been some funny moments, but I used to skip through skits a lot. But lately, I've been cracking up big time. The political stuff has been just hilarious. And this skit nearly had me weeping with laughter. I guess it comes from all those weekends at my grandparents when I was forced to watch Lawrence Welk in silence. There was a part of me that just wanted something like THIS to happen.

In my ears:

In the past few months I've been addicted to Pandora.
It has lead me to all sorts of new music and confirmed my love for certain artists. "Just One Thing" by My Morning Jacket is nice, and is how I think about my morning cuppa joe. "Words" by Doves has a sounds that reminds me of Stone Roses in a way. I love this song by Maps, a band I'd never taken much notice of before I started listening to Pandora. I know "Time to Pretend" has been played on a lot of prime time tv, but I still like it. My current favorite, favorite, favorite band is Helio Sequence. I haven't heard a thing by them I don't love.


gary said...

I'm still here (thanks to RSS feeds :). I have the same problem with my blog, however, being unemployed, i lack a good reason for its neglect. I've been enjoying the S&L Palin stuff as well. I'm off to check out Pixel & Post!

kksmalley said...

Hi Miss J!
I found your work called "Horse Blanket" and was wondering if you are allowing it to be used or if the "use rights" are for sale? I love it and was interested in possibly using it on the label for a new equine product I'm working on. Please let me know.
BTW, you are quite a talented artist!! - Kris

Gwen said...

Hi Miss J,
Glad to see you back in the blogosphere! Very exciting news about your new venture, I will keep watching to see what you do.

My blog is pretty dead, as you may have noticed...

Miss J said...

Hi Kris

Thanks for the compliments on my work! The horse blanket image is not for sale, and I am not letting it be used commercially. I am a freelance illustrator and designer and would be interested in talking about your project. Could you please email me at