Monday, September 29, 2008


Hello Internets!

Welcome to the blog of Pixel & Post.

For many, many years I've had the dream of designing and publishing my own line of greeting cards, and other printed lovelies. Finally, that dream is about to become reality. I'll be using this blog to document my path, roadblocks and hopefully successes with you.

Ten years ago when this dream took root in my noggin, I knew nothing about starting a business, how to get my work printed, or get my cards seen by anyone but my next door neighbor (which was great, don't get me wrong). I've actually started this business twice (yes twice) and both times, for different reasons, it never came to be. But instead of looking at those beginnings as failures, I really see now that they happened for a reason, and in the end I am armed with much more knowledge, and know this time it is going to happen.

I'm hoping that my blog might help someone out there just starting out on a creative path of their own to make the leap! I believe there is room for every one to share their creativity and the world would be a better place if more people did just that.

So, onward and upward! More soon.


Crafty Jenny said...

That is just about the cutest snail I've ever seen. Yay for your biz!

cynseattle said...

I can't wait to be a customer!! :-)