Monday, April 14, 2008

Weeklies #4: Rainy Days and Mondays

Ok, people. The weather in my part of the world is playing some serious tricks on us this week. On the weekend we had record highs in my town. We are talking wearing tank tops at 7pm on your deck warm. It rocked. And today? Dreary, gray, soggy, cold, Mossytown once more. Seriously. I'm sure you've heard that they are going to try and control the weather during the Summer Olympics in China? Freaky, yes. But if they want to test that out, I'd invite theme over here to Rainytown in a heartbeat to blow some of these rain clouds far, far away.

Seen on the internet: This awesome Walking Bike. Click here to see a video of it in motion!

Lesson learned: Don't wear a black boucle sweater out to a cafe and feed your 10 month old a banana while holding her. Boucle and banana don't mix, y'all.

Here's 5 songs that have me tapping my toes this week. "Foux Du Fafa" is just so fun and funny, and in French. I love the part that goes "Camembert...Jacque Cousteau... baguette!". I don't speak French, but I understand that much at least. "We Used to be Friends" is catchy, and had me dancing about the house in kind of a cheerleader-y fashion. "When Water Comes to Life" has some crazy violin and strings in the beginning, so pretty! "Clover Over Dover" is just plain groovy, although I don't think I'd let anyone "push me over the white Cliffs of Dover". Although it rhymes, it still doesn't sound like a good idea. The cover of "Harvest Moon" by Cassandra Wilson is one I hadn't listened to in years, it is really pretty. Enjoy. (Player has been moved to most recent Weeklies installment).

Ok, and just in case you were needing a visual for the title of this post, a little Carpenter's love for you. Come on, you know you want it!


Kelly Medina said...

Sounds like you live where I do. I say I live in Rainyville or Mosstown. We had a big change from a gorgeous weekend back to the normal ole rainy days of the spring.

cynseattle said...

Ah Miss Julia!! I love "Foux de Fafa." I shall memorize it and sing it under my breath in Paris in June, and everyone will think I am une vrai francaise... or just plain Foux!

Anonymous said...

I always get lost in your blogs...I can't believe we haven't talked about space before!! And i"m sending my sis the hugo link. So swank!! My hands have been cold for 5 days now in Mosstown. Where is the warmth?? xoxo C.