Friday, October 19, 2007

Illustration Friday: Extremes

This week's Illustration Frday topic is "extremes". Here I was thinking about all of the emotions a single person can feel on any given day. In the image above, Mr. Happy and Mr. Sad are actually the same image, all that is shifted is the perspective.


Zari said...

brilliant idea...neat illo!

Anonymous said...

Wow! just when I thought you couldn't do anything more perceptive than your last illustration! xoxo Christine

Dr. Joe said...

Dear Julie: I love your blog. Maggie sent me here as Christine and I were talking about bolgs. It is interesting how us non writer and graphic designers are creating graphic and photo journalistic things. I am not near as creative as your illustrations. This is brilliant like a yeng and yang happy face. Here is my blog:
Christine got me interested but I messed up the name and can not change it, so it is hard to find.

Christine's camp name was,
"Flamingo", so her blog for Emily is Spanish for little flamingo.