Sunday, July 1, 2012


Cindy the Octopus : 8 x 10 art print by BeatUpCreations on etsy
I could move my house and all of our friends out of this rainy, dreary, wintry place. 
I had 8 arms like an octopus: two to hold the baby, two to play with her sister, two to take care of our home, two to draw with.
I had enough energy to do all I should be doing.
I could give my boobs to someone else for a day.
I could forget about all that I need to do.
I was more able to accept chaos. 
We had a food replicator.
My guts could handle drinking coffee.
I could exercise while sitting.
That time would stand still.
That time would speed up.

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Anonymous said...

I esp. like your octopus arms idea.
Funny I don't ever remember getting tired of nursing such that I wanted to give my boobs away for a day...but that said we were young and lived in a group house where there was another young mom with a baby 4 months older than Emily so sometimes we nursed each others baby if we were watching them while the other was out on an errand etc. It was nice. Did you know I nursed Justin too? love Auntie M