Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Etsy Wednesday: Vintage Crochet

I originally thought I'd do a post about all the great crochet patterns you can find on etsy.  Because, there are some cool ones out there.  But as I looked around, I realized that it would be way more entertaining to show you some of the wacky vintage crochet patterns available there. Like this out of control granny square blanket available at Wonky Zebra.

And next time you come over this is how I'll greet you, in a fabulous crochet Maxi Dress!

1 comment:

Miss M. said...

When will you be ready so I can come over and see all dressed up? ; )

Then in the mean time I'll work on the Granny Square Maxi Dress, love it!!!! ;)

Super fun post! Liefs, Marije