Saturday, October 1, 2011

10 things I love about fall : a list

Chunky Scarf The Snow Leopard in Navy $180 by Yokoo on Etsy
1. Wearing Scarves. All.The.Time. (I love the look of the scarf above and the lady who creates them) I inherited my grandmother's aversion to 'drafts' especially around my neck - area.
2. Honeycrisp apples. I'd like to dip some in this.
3. Hot tea, the way my friend Librarian Girl taught me to make it.
4. Trees turning bright red and yellow. That's a no-brainer, I know.
5. Cool nights for sleeping.
6. Boots, boots, boots. I need a new pair this year (drooling over these). I have extremely skinny ankles and calves but reaaaally large feet. It makes boot shopping oh so interesting because ye olde boot-makers seem to think that if you have gigantor feet your should also have gigantor ankles ankles....sigh.
7. Stew. Ok, that sounds silly and really Little House on The Prairie doesn't it? But a good Beef Stew on a cool autumn night? Yum.
8. Rain. There I said it. I like it for about the first two months of fall - talk to me again in November and by then I will have changed my tune. But for now it feels cozy and I'm going with it.
9. Knitting. For some reason I can't knit in the summer, but come fall I'm all over it. Hoping to finish this hat if the pattern does not kill me first.
10. Another month of NaBloPoMo - starting today. I've been away from my blog for so long, it really needs a kick in the ribs. And this should do just the trick.

What do you love about fall?


paminabox said...

I just drooled over everything you posted, especially those boots!

I also cannot work with fabric or yarn in the summer, but already I've crocheted a scarf for my boy-dude. I think this year I'm going to tackle an entire blanket.

Miss J said...

Thanks Pam! That's awesome about the blanket - be sure and share pictures when it is done. The hat I'm making is for my boy-dude. At this point I'm hoping he might be comfortable wearing a headband (that pattern is a little hard for me). Happy fall!

Librarian Girl said...

Aw, tea time with MEELK!

I was just saying over the weekend that it's the beginning of hard core tea season!

Anonymous said...

Miss J I love all your Fall loves and want to make the caramel sauce! I don't knit but love the hat. I do crochet and gave my two best friend in Juneau scarves before I left. Right now I'm in love with fresh figs! I also bought a new pair of short boots and a vintage ivory color swing coat. I am looking forward to my first fall and winter in California. love AuntieM