Thursday, June 2, 2011

Red, head, fed, bread, small, ball, tall, wall....

There is an ongoing request in my house for this video.I loved it as a kid, now my kid loves it too. It is so 70s I can hardly stand it.

See the red head bein' fed bread on his sled made of lead as he sped to be wed but he fled instead out ahead up to ten in his bed and he said: Red, head, fed, bread, small, ball, tall, wall, fat, cat, sat, hat, and that's that! Scat!

In other Muppet related news, Threadless is hosting a Muppet T-Shirt Design Contest.
My god, how much do I want to draw Dr. Bunson Honeydew?


Librarian Girl said...

LOVE that clip!!!

I hope you haven't scared the kiddo with the Meelk clip yet.

Miss J said...

ooooh..I think she might just be the right age for it! I'll let you know how it goes. Meeelk, Meeelk, melk!