Thursday, June 16, 2011

My day so far

Carnival Sprinkle Cupcake Girl $14 by Magic Bean Buyer on Etsy
Plan to make 4 dozen homemade cupcakes and homemade frosting for the birthday kid. Buy bulk chocolate chunks for fancy frosting recipe. Get home and realize you were charged $34 for the bulk chocolate. Drive the long-ass way back to the store to get $28 refund. Return home. Realize that you can't make fancy frosting because you don't own a food processor. So, you make a different recipe using smaller amount of said chocolate chunks. Wonder as you are mixing the frosting what you are going to do with 2 extra pounds of chocolate. Realize something is wrong. Frosting looks runny. Taste frosting. Frosting totally sucks.


Decide to put your feet up for just a few minutes. Remember that you were doing so well with NaBloPoMo. Wonder what to post. Decide to post a rant about frosting. Find a figurine wearing a cupcake on her head on etsy. Suddenly start to feel a little happier. 


Uncle Beefy said...

Glad you started feeling better, Miss J. Hope the frosting took a turn for the better as well...? :)

Miss J said...

Thanks Uncle B - I found a much better recipe and saved my ass. But, I DID think of calling you - king of beautiful cupcakes. How do you do it?