Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In search of Cinderella

Tilda Dolls by Donna Bloom on Flickr
The week before my kiddo's 4th birthday, she got hit hard with Cinderella Fever. We visited a bookstore and she poured over the Disney Cinderella books like she was studying for the SATs. She knows all of the names of the princesses somehow, as if by osmosis. I've never told her who Belle or Sleeping Beauty are. And so it begins...

For those of you with girls, I am sure you are aware that the Disney princesses are everywhere you go - on disposable diapers, cans of soup, band aids, and fruit snacks. And while I don't want to repress any princess longings she might have - I don't want to go down the Disney Princess road. It is so pre-packaged, so lacking room for imagination. And frankly, I don't want my 4 year old playing with an unrealistically big-bosomed, small waisted doll in a prom dress. Sorry. She's 4, and for the time being I want to keep her that way. 

And, I want her to think outside the box. 

This week I found the book Fanny by Hollie Hobbie. In it, Fanny begs her mom for the latest Connie doll - sort of a Barbie on steroids looking thing. When her mom tells her why she won't buy her one "I don't like the way they look. They're just ...too much". Fanny decides to make her own. That's when I got my idea. 

Together my kiddo and I will be making our own Cinderella doll. I found a great book by Tone Finnanger that features the Tilda Doll like the ones pictured above. As soon as it arrives in the mail we'll start shopping for supplies. I'll involve the kiddo in every step of the process - picking out the fabric and hair, helping me sew. I want her to feel proud about what we can make together. This is going to be good.

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Miss M. said...

We talked about this when you were here, and the subject is still in my mind. The other day my friend K. told me about the book: Cinderella ate my daughter. Check it out on Amazon. It is worth reading the reviews. Way to go with making your own doll! Take care and veel liefs, Miss. M.