Saturday, June 25, 2011

the crap in my purse: a list

drikab honeycomb jute pouch $29 by Dirka B on Etsy
There was a time not too long ago when I used to carry a really small purse. My coworkers used to chuckle at how small it was. Life was simple. All I needed in my purse was my wallet and cell phone. Then I became a mom, and it was a total purse game changer. Digging for my cell phone the other day, I was the one who had a good chuckle. Here's what now lives in my oversized handbag:

1. ipod touch
2. bag of cheddar cheese sticks (old)
3. a power bar
4. gum
5. mentos
6. lipstick
7. small sketchbook
8. crayons
9. ink pens
10. keys
11. paperclips
12. a pair of socks
13. m&ms
14. immodium-AD
15. alka-seltzer tablets
16. tylenol
17. hand sanitizer
18. kleenex
19. antibacterial wipes
20. sunglasses case made by my grandma in 1970
21. a random USB cable
23. reusable shopping bag
24. lotion
25. lint and crumbs
26. large water bottle
27. a baby doll named Pink Harvey
28. cell phone

drikab orange volumes jute basic tote $72 by DirkaB on etsy


Miss M. said...

LOVE the large bag!!! Awesome! Liefs, Miss M.

Librarian Girl said...

I have also turned into a huge purse lady! Actually, I don't think what I carry can actually be called a "purse" anymore. Yay for stylish big honking bags!