Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art Heros: Ed Emberly

Growing up, I spent hours upon hours making drawings from the Ed Emberly drawing books. My four dog-earred copies are right here on the shelf next to me as I write this. As a kid I was always surprised that so few of my friends knew about these books and remember watching them shock themselves when they were able to draw a pirate, car, vampire or a cat after just a few minutes at my kitchen table. Learning how to draw this way (using his alphabet of 6 shapes like he talks about in the video above) definitely influenced my drawing style forever.

Finally this guy is getting the recognition he deserves. A recent show in Los Angeles, and even a limited edition letterpress print with Cloudy Collection (right alongside some today's illustration heavyweights - Tad Carpenter, S.Britt, and Meg Hunt).

Above all, I love Emberly's mission to empower everyone to draw, to help them feel like they can succeed at it. Check out Ed Emberly's website it includes a lot of free projects and drawing tutorials. And get drawing!

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