Saturday, June 4, 2011

20 things I love about summer: a list

Honeysuckle from my aunt's garden, Portland Oregon.
1. The sun filtering through our neighbor's pin oak tree
2. Starbuck's iced coffee (however wrong that may be - I still love it).
3. Fragrant, sun warmed pine needles
4. Flowers by the front door
5. Eating outside
6. The tan lines I get from my sandals
7. Drying the laundry outside
8. Swimming outdoors in a pool or lake
9. Hummingbirds
10. Honeysuckle
11. Picnics at the beach
12. Finally putting away my sweaters
13. Shoulder freckles
14. The smell of sunscreen
15. Spontaneous barbeques with friends, just because the weather is gorgeous
16. Peaches and nectarines
17. Unstructured weeks with my kiddo
18. Summer dresses
19. Road trips
20. Leaving the windows open until after the sun goes down

What about you?


Jessica said...

Farmers' markets!

Kelly said...

Heat on bare shoulders and backyard fun with the kiddos!

Miss M. said...

A little bit of summer rain so that all the intense smells just smell even favorite: the smell of the wet pavement on a hot day.....

Librarian Girl said...

Napping on the couch with all the windows open. That breeze. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the peaches. Sleeping with a fan blowing on me. Napping in the sun. Being outside at 8:30pm riding bikes and such. Guilty pleasure reads.