Wednesday, January 19, 2011


1950s Ski Sweater Pattern - $3 by vintageknitcrochet on Etsy
Just getting my bearings after a little jaunt to Whistler BC for a ski vacation with good friends. We returned last night and I jumped right back in to Crazytown.

Our little vacation was full of good laughs, multiple readings of books on monster trucks and Cinderella, playdoh, and hot chocolate. 

I would try and convince you that the above photo is one of yours truly (do you like the chemistry class inspired goggles?), but my body was not cooperating with me and I didn't hit the slopes. Instead I spent what would have been my lift ticket money on an overpriced, but very practical yoga sweatshirt and a latte.

Driving home yesterday along the Sea to Ski Highway (one of the most beautiful sights) , the kiddo was quiet in the backseat and I was able to think about many things, and do a little mental planning. So, lots of fun stuff to share with you in the coming weeks. It feels good to be home!

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