Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tips of the Trade #6: Pricing your work

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Last week during my blog break, I met with a local Creative Business Consultant, Marlo M of Creative Arts Consulting. Wow! What a resource this lady is! I feel so lucky that she lives in my city. Seriously, if you need any help getting your creative biz started, need help getting out of a rut, or just want your questions answered by a super neat, hilarious, successful and knowledgeable crafts-person, check her out. Such a worthwhile investment! 

One thing we talked about was pricing work for both wholesale and retail. While I love Etsy, I want to branch out and get my work in more brick and mortar shops as well. One of the many steps in this process is getting my pricing ready for wholesale.

Here are some articles (the last one is from Marlo's blog) on the topic of pricing, whether you are just getting started selling work online or ready to branch out!

The Art of Pricing: Preparing for Wholesale
The Art of Pricing: Understand your costs 

I'm off to make some spreadsheets!

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