Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tips of the Trade #3: Focus and Momentum

What to Focus on...Happy Print by marc johns on etsy
Yesterday I had the idea that I'd join November's NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) - an online challenge to post to your blog every day for a month. Will I make it? I sure hope so. This blog needs a workout. 

So without further ado, here are this week's Tips of the Trade: Regaining momentum and staying focused (ahem).


Uncle Beefy said...

This is perfect for today as I am just not feelin' it. Sigh. Thanks, Miss J. for your perfect timing. :)

Miss J said...

Sweet Uncle B! Hope things start feeling better soon. xo J

natalieg said...

Go Julia go!

Miss J said...

thanks Natalie! :)