Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Orange Baron

Yesterday I got a copy of this clipping in the mail from my dad. I hadn't seen it in ages. 

That would be yours truly with my entry for my grade school's pumpkin carving contest. My dad and I brainstormed and brainstormed until we came up with the idea for "The Orange Baron". It was kind of a last minute inspiration if I remember correctly - we worked all weekend and late into the night. It was a stretch for my dad, as he hates the color orange. The paint was hardly dry by the time it was due at school. And there was tape. Lots and lots of tape.

I was so proud of it. The Orange Baron was huge - and I remember my heart swelling with pride as my dad carried it into the school. In a dramatic fashion he lifted it high above his head (and that is high - he's 6' 6") and proudly marched it / flew it through the throngs of kids in the hall.  

When I found out the paper was coming to photograph me with it I remember blushing just a bit harder than when I met Donnie Osmond in person - and that's saying something.

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