Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tips of the Trade #2

That crazy busy week I mentioned in my last post? It is happening. So far so good though. May I share?

1.The sun is out and I am ticking things off the to - do list. 
2. I had a delicious coffee while the kiddo was successfully dropped off at school.
3. While latte sipping, I found a perfect creative business coach I am looking forward to working with.
4. I'm awaiting the arrival of my latest item, hot-off-the-soy-ink press, from my printer in Los Angeles. (A little sneak peek above). 
5. And BIG FUN NEWS tomorrow I drop off a load of Pixel&Post items to be sold in a boutique. A huge step for me - more about that tomorrow, though!

I've been reading and organizing more of my business links and here are a few more articles I wanted to share with you. These are mostly about marketing. This is the most challenging part of my work right now - if you struggle with this aspect of your work give these a read!

I also want to mention Have you checked them out? Today I found three free events I'll be attending that are all focused exactly on the aspects of my business I need help with! Inasmuch as online marketing tools are important I really believe that nothing is more powerful than talking to actual people, in real time, about what you do and hearing about what they do too. 

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