Friday, October 29, 2010

Golden Cage

Last weekend, the ladies and I were talking about music and busting out of musical ruts. Not too long ago I was in a huge musical rut myself. Busy with design school and staying up late late late into the night I needed new music to keep me company. I was soon introduced by a studio-mate to the Kings of Convenience. Their album "Quiet Is the New Loud" was the soundtrack to my design school years - and I still love it today. At this point it is like a well-worn musical blankie. Pure comfort. 

Being introduced to that band opened up my ears to a whole smorgasbord of new music. I started listening to KEXP, and began a long list of songs I loved, which turned into bands I loved, and soon I was completely busted out of my rut. And I keep finding new-to-me music (it helps that I missed out on anything new for about a year or two when I was in full-time baby-land).

And speaking of ruts, I'm trying to bust out of an artistic one. I've been enjoying drawing with pencil this week. Sometimes the simplest things can bring you so much happy.

What does this all mean? Pencils + Kings of Convienience guitarist  Erlend Øye, = the inspiring unofficial video to Golden Cage by The Whitest Boy Alive, hand drawn by the talented Geoff McFetridge. Enjoy!

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