Tuesday, August 17, 2010

tick tock

Modern Baby Clock by Decoylab on Etsy - $58

As I mentioned yesterday, this summer has been mostly about doing work for clients. Yesterday as I sat in my studio (still undecorated, still a plain white box - thanks for asking) I had that post project moment where I was all "Duhhh, what am I supposed to be doing?"

I have some bigger goals for my work. The work that I want to make (so many ideas), how I want to sell it, where I want to sell it, etc. etc. And, doing all of that can feel really overwhelming - not knowing where to start,  feeling like you need to start it all right now.  Pair that with already 'challenged' time management skillz, and you've got one hot mess.

As a subscriber to the blog Handmadeology I recently read this post that was full of tips on time management with the creative brain in mind. Please read it here. It's a good one.

After reading some of the tips I decided to make a story board for my goal of having a show of my new work in a local cafe. I broke down the steps into doable chunks, and placed each goal on a sticky note, then re-stacked the notes into their neat little cube. Instead of seeing a list as long as the one Santa Claus totes around (what I usually do) all I can see is the goal on the top. And when that one is done, I peel it off, recycle it and focus on the next one. This is such a visual reminder of doing one thing / one step at a time.

I'll let you know how it goes! What are your favorite time management tools / tips?

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